Frequently asked questions

What about insurance, am I covered?

Sharing your home with guests can cause concerns when it comes down to property damage, theft and importantly, if the guest has an accident and suffers an injury. Airbnb strongly encourage you to have your own insurance in place for when you have guests to stay which is why we've partnered with GUARDHOG, specialist insurance cover for the sharing economy to help put these worries and concerns to bed. 

Their cover is on-demand and can be put in place on a stay-by-stay basis, prices start from 78p per night and we expect most to pay £2-£3. If you want an intro to the team at GUARDHOG, we'd love to connect you and you'll receive a 10% discount on your cover. Otherwise his details are: [email protected] or 0207 199 6610.

Via Airbnb there is an offer of insurance cover in the case of damage (eg Airbnb host guarantee:, it's advisable you read the terms to understand what is and is not covered.